It all starts with childhood.  For so many of us, our childhoods include memories of fear, sadness, disappointment, insecurities, anger, etc. 

These memories can:
Become a list of grievances that grow up with us...
Which then becomes a part of us that we identify with...
And eventually can determine how we live our lives...

I believe It’s Never Too Late To Have A Happy Childhood!

It’s possible. I’ve been there and know that you can shift your perspective to be a “Happier You “ even with a challenging painful past.

If you’ve read my free eBook “How To Find Happiness Even Without A Fairy Tale Childhood“ you’ll better understand that any childhood baggage we might carry around with us can be “unpacked” and released.

Less emotional baggage = happier life.

Your Inner Child can help guide you through your past and show the Adult You how to live a happier life.  

Heal Your Past ~

90 Day Transformation Experience

Dragging Around Emotional Baggage From Your Childhood?
Ready To Lighten That Load?

Heal Your Past 
90 day Transformation Experience

How I can help.

Here’s how we can work together:
Heal Your Past 
90 day Transformation Experience

It Works Like This:

  • Three 1 hour intensive sessions over a 3 month period or less in person or on the phone with me. *One of the sessions can be an Age Regression through Hypnosis in which I can help you go back to your past and help heal childhood wounds.

  • Three 20 minute coaching calls throughout the 3 month period. Any kind of “healing experience” can trigger emotions (which usually indicates a breakthrough...yayy!) that you may feel you need extra support with …If needed, call me.

  • Email support:
  • 1 Forgiveness Audio Track Meditation
  • Receive my article on :  3 Habits From Your Past Better Left Behind

Our Lives Are Filled With Buried Treasures...Take The Time To Uncover Them

Brunnie Maldonado Getchell